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Strive for Five!

Do you strive for perfection in your business? Do you struggle with getting reviews which will help your organization grow? Regardless of whether you are selling goods or services, in-person or on-line, past customers are leaving reviews, and prospects are looking for five stars. If you don’t believe me, when I used to shop on ebay I would scroll past anyone with less than 97% positive feedback; on sites such as Amazon, less than 4 out of 5 and you are out of the race. This week I have been focusing on improving the content and quality of the on-line courses I offer. My motivation comes from two factors: low sales, and falling stars. Not from all courses though, just the ones which I created at the beginning of my journey.  One thing which jumped out at me right away was my sound quality was poor; second, although my content was good, my lesson video slides were boring.  Another important factor was reading the narratives on the reviews, and actioning improvements based on the feedback

Work from home.

  Are you working from home or have a hybrid arrangement? Does a work from home environment pose its own challenges? When I was a manager in corporate, there were a handful of employees who were authorized to work from home for various reasons. However, one of the    conditions is work is work, and home is home, and during the 8 hours of work, the two shall not meet. Take childcare for example; employees were required to make childcare arrangements outside of the home the same they would if working from the employer’s facilities. I realize during the pandemic it was a little different as daycares were also closed, and sometimes you have days like today. I believe in the long-term there needs to be the separation as redirecting your attention back and forth does not allow you to do either well, and it is not sustainable. Then there is dress and deportment; although it is obvious you should be appropriately attired for video meetings, what is not as obvious is how dressing for work place

From employee to employer.

  Are you an employee who is curious about the real world of business ownership? Are you an employer who struggles with employees not appreciating what business ownership really means? All of us have either said it, or heard it said: ‘you must make a lot of money from me’; ‘it must be nice to be the owner’; ‘what are you worried about, it’s just a write-off for you.’ But do non-business owners really know what business ownership means? Let’s start the discussion with financial investment: Some take their life savings and purchase a building, equipment, materials and labour for research and development, then make products or open doors for service… all with the hope of the customers coming… and when they don’t, they lose everything. Others borrow money or find investors who demand a minimum return otherwise they will invest elsewhere… in which case there is no business, therefore no job for the employees to go to. I was present the day a client’s employee made the comment about how much

Welcome to my blog.

  Welcome to my blog where I will share insights on various business topics and issues. My name is Dan Elliot and I am a professional accountant who has also served as a military aircraft mechanic, a volunteer emergency services worker, and combined these experiences managing business entities. From these experiences I will address topics such as accounting and finance, contracting and procurement, human resource management, and business operations topics such as business continuity planning and quality assurance.  Please follow my blog for important information for managing your business. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for further insights, and visit my website to access the courses and books I have written. My first post of this series will start with addressing key differences between being an employee versus an employer. Let’s get started.