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Serving the public is a business

  The nonprofit and public service sectors are often misunderstood when it comes to their place in the business world and the transferability of the skills of those who work in the industry. When most people think of the term ‘business’ they associate it with buying, making, or doing something with the intention of selling it and turning a profit which they will either reinvest into another earning endeavor, or spend on either a life sustaining need, or a frivolous want. Businesses normally require an investor of sorts who uses either their own money or that of others, to purchase the necessary infrastructure and materials, and hope it ends well otherwise they are in trouble. However, there is another type of business which although does not include an investor who aims to earn a profit, still participates in making or doing something, the activities of which have financial implications. This is the nonprofit and public sector.  So, why do I consider nonprofit a ‘business?’ Simple: we