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Wants versus Needs - Changing customer mindset

This week’s discussion is changing customer mindset from what they want, to what they need. Are you a business owner who struggles with differentiating between what customers want, versus what you believe they need? Do you just focus on delivering wants, or is there a way to change customer mindset to align with your offering? Sometimes people do not know what they need until they are faced with a problem they had no idea was there. This comes from a variety of places including being reactive versus proactive, and not looking forward envisioning challenges which can get on the way of achieving goals. A second problem is called prioritization; If you do not believe me, how about this: ‘I have some extra money and really want this new boat’ versus ‘my roof is twenty years old and will need replacing soon.’ Considering the cost of a new roof is as much as the new boat, and more if it leaks and damages your house, which will you choose? If the new roof is a no brainer for you, congratulati

What's the Plan? - An introduction to Business Continuity Planning.

One of my favorite topics is Business Continuity Planning. Why? Because storms come in many forms, and you need to be prepared for the storms which will prevent you from delivering goods and services to your customers.   It starts with a Risk Assessment also called a Business Impact Analysis: Identifying what can go wrong, what is the probability of it happening, how will it effect the organization, and what can be done to mitigate the loss?   If we look at what can go wrong, the list is endless: fire, flood, break-in, accident, sickness, snowstorm, and even civil unrest. Other business factors may include labour disputes, broken machinery, or disrupted supply chains.   The Probability is the likelihood of the event happening; for example, there is a 15% probability that a staff member may call in sick, or there is a 50% probability of a paralyzing snowstorm.   The impact is what affect it will have on the organization; for example, if I have one employee on sick leave, the impact