Wants versus Needs - Changing customer mindset

This week’s discussion is changing customer mindset from what they want, to what they need.

Are you a business owner who struggles with differentiating between what customers want, versus what you believe they need? Do you just focus on delivering wants, or is there a way to change customer mindset to align with your offering?

Sometimes people do not know what they need until they are faced with a problem they had no idea was there. This comes from a variety of places including being reactive versus proactive, and not looking forward envisioning challenges which can get on the way of achieving goals.

A second problem is called prioritization; If you do not believe me, how about this: ‘I have some extra money and really want this new boat’ versus ‘my roof is twenty years old and will need replacing soon.’ Considering the cost of a new roof is as much as the new boat, and more if it leaks and damages your house, which will you choose? If the new roof is a no brainer for you, congratulations… otherwise, best of luck to you.

There are hundreds of scenarios where we can apply this concept; so, how do we shift customer mindset? If we believe people need our goods or services, how do we convince them to want it? 



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